Jake grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, the grandson of a farmer who passed on his farm-to-table sensibilities to his son, Jake's father. Jake's mom was also a sustainable food pioneer, raising chickens for their eggs and growing vegetables and berries she hand-jarred for the winter. Both parents were foodies long before that was a 'thing', and the family often cooked together, with Jake in the role of sous-chef.


A family favorite was steak cooked over an open fire, with a specific combination of salt and crushed red pepper. When Jake left home the ingredients evolved, to taste - herbs were added, lemon became a staple thanks to Jake's wife Abigail, spicy crushed pepper was lightened to accommodate their first baby...


Friends and family loved the seasoning salt and Jake was constantly making batches to send home with every visitor. Eventually Abigail and Jake were mixing more Jake’s Prime to give away than they could keep up with. Friends loved the unique flavor profile, the all-natural ingredients, and the versatility to use it in every meal. They were adamant - this salt should go to market! 


That is when Jake and Abigail decided to bring this delicious, adaptable salt blend to your table. We hope it inspires creativity, community, family and fun, the same way it has for us.

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